Season's Greetings From Dr. Rhode and Staff

Season's Greetings From Dr. Rhode and Staff


The holiday season is an opportunity to enjoy yourself and unwind a little. It's a time to spend with beloved family members and friends. It's a time to savor some of the most scrumptious foods around, too. If you're worried about going to all of the holiday parties that are just around the corner because you're concerned about giving in to your seemingly insatiable sweet tooth, you're not alone. Thankfully, our family dentist in Southampton PA can check your teeth after the holidays have passed to make sure that you haven't caused too much damage to them. If you do indeed have a cavity or other dental problem, we can fix it for you easily, as well. Whether you need a family dentist in Southampton PA or a cosmetic dentist in the 18966 area, our clinic makes a fantastic choice for you. We make a top Bucks County dentist choice for people who are serious about dental health.

Pumpkin pie, yellow cake, candy canes and gingerbread cookies may have the potential to cause cavities and other dental problems, but that doesn't mean you have to refrain from noshing on these sweet goodies entirely. Moderation is always key during the holiday season. It's also crucial to remember to always maintain proper dental hygiene practices. This means diligently brushing and flossing your teeth no matter how late you arrive back home from a spirited Christmas gathering in your neighborhood. Brushing and flossing your teeth diligently two times a day only takes a few minutes of your time. It's definitely worth the effort, too. Cavities don't exactly feel too pleasant.

Focusing on dental health isn't the only thing you should do this holiday season. You also should focus on your overall health and happiness. At the Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry, we wish all of our patients (and potential future patients) the happiest and healthiest holiday seasons possible. We want all of our patients to feel the holiday spirit, receive some terrific gifts, give some terrific gifts and just plain enjoy the merry festivities of the season. Whether you're staying in the area or traveling long distances to meet family members or friends who are important in your life, your priority should be safety above all else. 

Once the holiday season comes to a close, you may want to make an appointment for a checkup with the top Bucks County dentist working, Dr. James Rhode. When you need a reputable cosmetic dentist in the 18966 area, Dr. Rhode makes a fine choice. Whether you need a cosmetic dentist in the 18966 area, a family dentist in Southampton PA or anything else, one thing is for certain and that's that our clinic is home to the top Bucks County dentist.



All About Bleeding Gums


All About Bleeding Gums


If you open your mouth and notice that you have bleeding gums, you may be alarmed at first. This type of bleeding can sometimes signify gum disease. It can also sometimes denote that you may be vulnerable to gum disease. Either way, you should never dismiss it.

Bleeding gums often indicate the presence of gingivitis. Gingivitis is a condition that's characterized by gum inflammation. It also is periodontal disease's beginning phase. If you notice that your gums start bleeding any time you brush your teeth, a dental checkup is definitely necessary. It's also crucial to get a dental checkup if your gums tend to be susceptible to bleeding in general. If you do happen to have any type of periodontal disease, the quicker you find out about it, the quicker you can take care of it.

Bleeding gums can also be the result of flossing. If you're new to flossing your teeth regularly, you may notice your gums bleeding initially. This typically means that they're adapting to the whole concept of cleaning in the middle of the teeth. Fortunately, this kind of bleeding generally subsides in roughly one week or so.

Gum bleeding can sometimes even point to pregnancy, funnily enough. Pregnant females occasionally get something called "pregnancy gingivitis." Pregnancy gingivitis involves gum inflammation and resulting tenderness and swelling. If you have pregnancy gingivitis, your gums might bleed slightly during flossing or brushing. 

If you experience gum bleeding, it can sometimes signal that you brush your teeth a little too aggressively, nothing more and nothing less. If that's the case, then you should take care to be a bit more gentle with your brushing technique. A toothbrush that has a soft bristle can also help this situation greatly. 

Don't ever ignore gum bleeding. Although the bleeding's trigger can often be as innocuous as aggressive brushing, you should seek a dental evaluation just to be 100 percent certain. If you reside in or around the community of Southampton Pennsylvania, then you're in luck. Dr. James Rhode is a top dentist in Southampton PA. If you want to get to the bottom of your gum bleeding problem, Dr. Rhode can pinpoint exactly what's causing it, whether issues with your brushing habits, periodontal disease or anything else. Once he determines the exact cause, he can then help you fix the issue and stop the bleeding for good. If you need the top dentist in Southampton PA, that's definitely Dr. Rhode.

A Respected Southampton, PA Family Dentist

A Respected Southampton, PA Family Dentist


When you need a top-notch family dentist in Southampton PA, there's no finer choice around than Dr. James Rhode at the Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry. Dr. Rhode is an experienced and seasoned professional who has offered advanced dentistry work to residents in the area for a long time now. Whether you're searching for an implant dentist, a mercury free dentist in the 18966 area or just a trustworthy family dentist, there's no doubt that Dr. Rhode and his friendly practice are exactly what you need in your life. When you're looking for a family dentist in Southampton PA who truly cares about the needs of patients, that describes Dr. Rhode perfectly.

Dr. Rhode's focuses are on family dentistry, gum care, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry, last but not least. If you're experiencing persistent tooth pain and suspect that a cavity could be to blame, Dr. Rhode is the family dentist in Southampton PA you can trust 100 percent. If you're concerned about gum maintenance and want to keep problems with tooth loss at bay, then the clinic's gum care services can do a world of good for you. If you want a beautiful smile but wish to steer clear of bridges and dentures, the clinic offers dental implants that are innovative, convenient and absolutely natural looking. Lastly, cosmetic dentistry is a prominent area of concentration for Dr. Rhode and the rest of his practice. If you feel self-conscious about the coloring of your teeth and would like to achieve the brilliant white smile you've always coveted, Dr. Rhode offers A+ teeth whitening treatments that are truly effective. Needless to say, Dr. Rhode offers many diverse procedures and specialties to patients. 

If you'd like to avoid mercury in your fillings, Dr. Rhode can accommodate you easily. He's a highly respected mercury free dentist in the 18966 area who has been catering to the mercury-free dental needs of many of his loyal patients for a while now.

Other specific dental services that are offered by Dr. Rhode include metal-free crowns, bad breath (halitosis) management, oral cancer screenings, infection management, cosmetic assessments, porcelain veneers, digital X-rays, root canals, laser dentistry and so much more. This implant dentist has many areas of expertise.

Whether you're looking for a seasoned implant dentist or for a skilled mercury free dentist in the 18966 area, Dr. Rhode is the only name you need to know. Contact his clinic today to set up an appointment.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

The Benefits of Dental Implants


Introduction: Our radio talk show is elated to announce that we have a special guest on air today for an interview. Our guest is the top implant dentist in Southampton PA, the one and only James Rhode DDS! If you're on the lookout for a respected painless dentist in 18966 area, Dr. Rhodes is the name to remember. If you need a reputable dental insurance dentist in Bucks County, this skilled and experienced dentist is your best bet, too.

We're happy to say that the top implant dentist in Southampton PA is here to answer some important questions our listeners may have about dental implants. If you care about the state of your mouth, then dental implants may just be the way to go for you. What could be better than getting dental implants from the best painless dentist in 18966 area, anyway?

Radio Host: When it comes to dental implants, you're the best option for Bucks County residents. Tell us exactly what's so great about these implants.

Dr. Rhode: More and more people these days are opting to get dental implants for pure convenience reasons. First and foremost, they give people senses of security and confidence that they can't usually get from other available options such as bridges and dentures. If you dream about a smile that looks healthy and beautiful, dental implants are a simple and hassle-free choice for you. If there are missing teeth in your mouth, getting dental implants can significantly improve your quality of life. These implants enable you to make facial expressions, eat meals and speak to others without worrying about anything at all. Dental implants are great for peace of mind.

Radio Host: If one of our listeners hears all of this fantastic stuff and decides that he wants to get dental implants to take care of his missing teeth, how exactly should he proceed with you?

Dr. Rhode: People who are interested in dental implants can contact our practice via telephone any time during business hours. We'll be more than happy to talk to you about dental implants and what they entail. We'll help you decide whether or not you're indeed an appropriate candidate for them. Our goal is to make sure that our patients are always 100 percent comfortable with every dental choice they make.

Radio Host: Thank you so much for your time, Dr. Rhode! If you want an appointment with the finest dental insurance dentist in Bucks County, call Dr. Rhodes' office as soon as possible.

Painless Dentist in Southampton, PA

Painless Dentist in Southampton, PA


Stop searching for a family dentist in 18966 area. If you're looking for the top implant dentist in Southampton PA, then there's no better option around than James Rhodes DDS. When you need a painless dentist who won't make you cower in fear every time you approach the office, James Rhodes DDS should be the name that comes to mind for you. Here we have a few words with the prominent and respected Bucks County dentist.

What kind of dental services do you offer?

I offer an extremely wide range of diverse services and treatments. General dentistry, of course, is a focus. If you're in need of a family dentist in 18966 area, I can help you. Parents bring their children in for dental cleanings and other procedures all the time. Once the children are done, it's often the parents' turns. 

Cosmetic dentistry is also something I provide. If you're unhappy because you look in the mirror and see teeth that look a lot yellower and more discolored than you'd prefer, you can visit our office for teeth whitening treatments. Once we perform our teeth whitening magic on you, your chompers will look as good as new. You can kiss coffee stains and general discoloration goodbye.

Other specific examples of services we offer our patients include tooth colored fillings that look very natural, digital X-rays, dentures, root canals, dental implants, porcelain veneers, metal-free crowns and all-on-4 implants. If you're worried that you may be suffering from any serious oral condition, you can visit my dental practice for further evaluation. I offer oral cancer screenings, for example. If you're concerned that you might have periodontal disease and notice any potential symptoms of it, let us know immediately. The sooner patients take care of problems like periodontal disease, the better. If you're nervous because of a bad breath issue, you can also consult us. It's important to remember that halitosis is often a sign of a major oral problem. It can, however, sometimes be caused by something as innocuous as eating food that smells strongly.

Do you offer emergency services?

You bet. If you find yourself suffering with an intense toothache that just won't go away no matter what, you don't have to let the agony persist. Simply give our clinic a call to schedule an appointment for emergency dental assistance. We'll get you on your way to pain-free comfort in no time. Don't forget that I'm a painless dentist and proud of it. My objective is always to make my patients look forward to and enjoy their dental appointments rather than dread them.

Call today for more info on the top implant dentist in Southampton PA.

A Solution to Loose Dentures

A Solution to Loose Dentures


Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to bridges and loose dentures. Thanks to advancing methods in dental procedures, an All on 4 Dentist is the type of specialist you should choose to help restore your smile to its natural beauty. Choosing implants from the top dentist in 18966 area provides the best solution for people with missing teeth so that you can eat, talk, and smile with confidence. When considering the type of implants that are right for you to fix any loose denture problems, it is important to discuss your options with a Southampton Pa Implant Dentist who can help you make the right decision.

Why an All on 4 Dentist?

The All-on-4 treatment concept is the best in its class for providing a minimally invasive solution with a full art restoration which provides high patient satisfaction. There are several benefits and advantages when choosing All-on-4 implant treatment:

Lower Cost

Compared to conventional implant treatment methods, the All-on-4 treatment costs less which passes on savings to the patient.

2. Shorter Treatment Times

This procedure allows tilting of posterior implants which eliminates the need for bone grafting procedures which are very time-consuming. This method also includes immediate loading of implants which shortens time to teeth.

3. More Stable 

Since the two posterior implants can be tilted, longer implants can be used. Bone-to-implant contact is increased and vertical bone augmentation is avoided which reduces the possibility of trauma.

4. Faster Recovery

Patients who have already undergone All-on-4 treatment experience clear speech, restored chewing ability, high aesthetics, and comfort. Overall, the patient’s self-confidence is gained more quickly when undergoing this procedure.

Best in Southampton

People who live in the Southampton area are not immune to loose dentures, missing or broken teeth, as well as other dental problems. Many people are not aware that millions of Americans have missing teeth and only a small percentage of them have undergone a tooth replacement procedure. It is also not surprising that most people in Southampton, just like every other town or city in the country, includes people who are afraid to go to a Southampton Pa Implant Dentist to fix loose dentures or get a regular checkup. There are even some people who neglect daily oral hygiene which can lead to major dental problems if left untreated.

Avoiding dental problems such as loose dentures can result in tooth decay and/or gum disease. Many people who get older in age often look back and wish that they had taken better care of their teeth when they were younger. You should consider your teeth one of your most precious possessions and treat your smile as a luxury. In addition, missing teeth that are not replaced often lead to the shifting of other teeth which can also lead to biting problems, jaw pain, and even bone loss. If you are suffering from loose dentures or any of the dental conditions mentioned, it is a good idea to visit the top dentist in 18966 area. Choosing the right All on 4 dentist while help you fix your loose dentures, show your best smile, and feel more confident in the fastest amount of time. 

Caring Dentistry in Southampton Pa

Caring Dentistry in Southampton Pa


Finding an excellent dentist who truly cares might feel like going on a scavenger hunt. After searching for a while, you might finally come upon what you've been hoping to find. Dr. James Rhodes is a top Southampton PA Dentist. Implant dentist in 18966 is available to provide you with options when it comes to replacing damaged or missing teeth. Our office offers many affordable options to help you take care of your dental health and we provide everything you and your family could possibly need to maintain the best dental health throughout life. 

If you have missing teeth, it is important to explore options to replace them so that your bite can remain healthy and your jawbone can also remain healthy. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants provides a natural looking option that will also help to maintain proper jaw health and bite position. Dental implants are performed by Dr. Rhodes. His caring and compassionate approach to dentistry along with his staff of caring, talented professionals will help to put you at ease throughout the process of replacing your missing teeth. Dr. Rhodes is a top Southampton Pa Dentist. Implant dentist in 18966 to meet your implant dentistry needs. Affordable dentistry with a caring touch is something our office strives to provide. 

"I've never felt more confident when smiling since visiting Dr. Rhodes. He helped to restore a missing tooth that I lost last year and since then, I no longer feel like I'm trying to avoid smiling at people. It's an amazing feeling to be able to smile with confidence. I had two dental implants placed and they look natural and beautiful." - Ava R., patient of Dr. Rhodes

Many of our clients are delighted with their choice to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant. Unlike other methods to replace missing teeth, such as a bridge, dental implants can be flossed just like a regular tooth. The look is very natural and dental implants last for a lifetime. While dental implants are generally an expensive procedure, our aim is to make the process affordable for you with payment options and financing options available to meet a variety of needs. 

When choosing a dental care provider, choose a top Southampton Pa Dentist. Implant dentist in 18966, Dr. James Rhodes is here to provide you and your family with the absolute best in dental care. From routine cleanings and exams to complete cosmetics restorations, our office will make sure your teeth are in excellent condition and health. We can also make recommendations on how to improve the overall beauty of your smile and help you to look and feel your absolute best so your smile will truly shine from within. 

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dentist

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Dentist


The process of choosing a dentist can be very daunting. The reason is that there are many dentists in different areas of specializations, working hours, and also working in various locations. In case of a toothache, jaw pain, or bleeding gums, someone can automatically assume that he needs the services of a dental specialist. While this may be true to some extend, it is always recommended that a person visits the general dentist first for a thorough dental assessment. If the general dentist decides that the services that you require are outside his area of specialization, he will likely refer you to an appropriate specialist for quality dental care in Southampton Pa. A person should take note that some of the general dentists do offer the same treatments that are offered by those doing specialized dental treatments. Because they are highly trained, their procedures are mainly painless. Most general dentists can perform wisdom teeth extractions, dental bridge, and dental crown procedures. When choosing the right dentist for treatment, a person should consider these four important factors:

1. Location 
A person should choose a dentist whose office or clinic is located close to his office or home. This will make it easy for the person to arrive on time and also to schedule visits. This arrangement enables the patient to receive quality dental care in Southampton pa. You should always ensure that the doctor’s office is open during the days and times when you are likely to arrange for an appointment.

2. Cost
You should first make an inquiry whether the doctor accepts insurance, or whether the doctor accepts to receive payments in various options such as personal checks and credit cards. It is important to note that costs differ according to the procedure being undertaken by the dentist. It is vital that you ask the amount of money an implant dentist in 18966 are is likely to charge for fillings, root canal therapy, and crown therapy.

3. Personal comfort
Choosing a dentist whom you are comfortable with is important. When a patient is comfortable with a doctor, it makes it easy for the patient to explain in a candid manner the symptoms and also be able to ask relevant questions regarding the various treatment options. A patient should be able to ask if painless treatment is provided. 

4. Professional qualifications
A dentist who is properly trained will be able to provide quality dental care in Southampton Pa. If you feel unsatisfied with his answers, you should look for implant dentist in 18966 area.

Top Dentist in Southampton PA

Top Dentist in Southampton PA


Let me introduce you to Dr. James Rhode, DDS, a top dentist in Southampton, PA. New in town? Looking for a dentist? Do you need cosmetic dentistry? Need a painless dentist? Well Dr. Rhode is a cosmetic dentist in the 18966 zip code. You have come to the right place. Dr. James Rhode, is the founder of Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry PC located in the Lakeside Office Park, on Lakeside Drive in Southampton, PA. 

As a top dentist in Southampton Pa, Dr. Rhode’s dental practice and treatment plans include dentistry, painless, cosmetic, gum care, bad breath, dental implants, metal-free crowns, infection control, emergency services, prosthodontic services (dentures and partials), treatment for periodontal disease, laser dentistry, tooth colored fillings, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, endodontic (root canals), digital x-rays, evaluation and treatment for TMJ, and screening for oral cancer. You will be greeted by a pleasant staff and welcoming atmosphere, as well as Dr. Rhode’s great sense of humor.

We are all concerned about our cosmetic appearance. Have no fear, Dr. Rhode is your cosmetic dentist in the 18966 zip code. Dr. Rhode can transform your appearance while improving your oral health. You may need subtle cosmetic treatment, or a complete cosmetic makeover. Dr. Rhode does it all to give you the smile that you have been waiting for. Don’t hide your smile a moment longer.

I know you have heard a lot about dental implants. Dental implants have become more sought after in recent years. This is due to improvements in the process, healing, and technology that is now available. Your missing teeth can be replaced and will look like your natural teeth. Many patients find that dental implants are a more comfortable and convenient option. The coverage of dental implants are equal to the coverage for dentures in many insurance plans.

Periodontal disease can have a serious and adverse effect on your health. In many cases your oral health can signal other hidden health problems. Dr. Rhode your painless dentist, has a first-rate periodontal program to avoid tooth loss and maintain healthy bone levels.

In Bucks County, Dr. James Rhode and his team provide, the cosmetic dentist in the 18966, top dentist in Southampton Pa, across the greater Philadelphia region. We welcome new patients and have many patient financing options, and accept many insurance plans. 
We look forward to meeting you and your family to provide the in dental latest technology, treatments, cosmetic, and painless dentistry.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Cosmetic Dental Veneers


Services Offered by Dr. James Rhode

If you are seeking a top cosmetic dentist in Southampton Pa., then contact Dr. James Rhode who offers mercury free dental fillings and custom-made veneers. Dr. Rhode has over 35 years of experience with providing an assortment of services to children, teenagers and adults. When you need high-quality dentistry in the 18966 area, contact Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry PC with an online form or telephone call to 215-396-9515. Patients can count on receiving the following dental care from Dr. Rhode:

• Gum care – treatment for periodontal conditions
• Family dentistry – treatments for everyone in a family
• Dental implants – surgical dental restorations
• Cosmetic dentistry – dental crowns and teeth whitening

The Dangers of Dental Amalgam Fillings

There are studies that indicate that mercury free dental fillings are a safer option to avoid exposure to the toxins from dental amalgam fillings. Since the 1800s, dental care experts have suggested that the silver in old-fashioned dental fillings release mercury into a patient’s body and the environment. Fortunately, you can visit a top cosmetic dentist in Southampton Pa., to avoid complications from mercury poisoning such as:

• Multiple sclerosis
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Autism
• Autoimmune disorders
• Renal toxicity

Today’s modern dental fillings made of composite materials are beautiful because Dr. Rhode mixes the substances to match the color of a patient’s teeth. Dentistry in the 18966 area code that uses safe materials is available at Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry at affordable prices. Patients can receive a $50 credit on a future procedure for themselves and a friend by making a referral to Dr. Rhode.

Dr. Rhode Applies Dental Veneers

Mercury free dental fillings are not the only service that the top cosmetic dentist in Southampton Pa., offers because patients can also receive veneers. You might need a veneer applied to a tooth toward the front of your mouth that has discoloration, damage or is oddly shaped. Porcelain veneers are considered a conservative dental restoration. If you have a tooth that has an irregular shape or position, then the application of a veneer is faster than wearing braces or aligners. A veneer is attached to a tooth with durable resin adhesives, and you are able to consume a normal diet despite having one or more of these dental restorations. To learn more about family or cosmetic dentistry in the 18966 area code, call Pennsylvania Center for Advanced Dentistry today.